• Contacts, Sales, Inventory, Appointments, Email
  • Complete Accounting - Budgeting
  • Automatic Updates - No more waiting for CDs or missed downloads
  • Fully integrated word processing to design your own invoices, shipping labels, postcards, etc.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 8
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  • Contacts Contact Management

    With customers being the most important part of any business, DAPro offers incredible detail and customization when it comes to contact management. Contact info can be imported from the Mary Kay® website or from any Excel spreadsheet. Contact info includes user defined fields, multiple addresses and images.

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  • Accounting Accounting

    Finally! A business management system for Mary Kay® professionals that includes a complete accounting solution. No need for additional sofware. Balance your checkbook, credit cards and your business. Includes a fully automated business tracking register for serious budgeting and finacial management.

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  • Sales/Purchases Sales and Purchases

    Invoices, product orders, loans, purchase orders and inventory adjustments. Track Gifts, Demos, Personal Use, Donations etc. Generate Weekly Accomplishments and Import product orders from In Touch®. Invoices can be printed or emailed with complete control of layout, fonts, notes, images and color.

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  • Inventory Inventory

    The system is fully loaded with all of the up to date product available from Mary Kay®. Product updates are automatically downloaded and updated into your system with a click. No more waiting for CDs or download hassles. Import product orders from In Touch®. Orders can be generated automatically bringing your inventory to pre-set levels.

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  • Calendar Calendar

    Drag and drop appointment scheduling with Day, Week, Multi Week and Month views. Schedule recurring appointments, setup your own appointment types and color coding. Callbacks can be processed as a list.

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  • Word Processor Word Processing

    A full featured word processor is fully integrated into the system with extensive merge capabilities. Create stunning invoices, labels, statements, newsletters, merge letters and more. Supports Microsoft Word Documents (doc), Adobe PDF format, along with standard txt and rtf formats, all without having to purchase separate software.

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