Flexible Contact Management

With customers being the most important part of any business, DAPro offers incredible detail and customization when it comes to contact management.

The contact window automatically customizes itself for each contact, displaying information that pertains to the individual, without having to click on various sub windows or menus to view what's important to that specific contact. A consultant window might be displaying product trades, consultant and unit numbers, director and recruiter while a customer's window displays purchases and skin care profile. User defined fields let you further customize the Information(you) 're tracking with all contact fields available for document merging.

Autosave, saves information as you go, so you just jot down info and move on without worrying about save, edit or update buttons. The filing folder interface let's you have multiple contacts open at the same time without cluttering your desktop giving you a 'real world' working environment. You can have a contact open, entering an invoice, get a phone call and jump to another client enter that sale and then move back to what you where doing before the phone rang all in a quick, organized way.

  • Import Customers and Consultants from In Touch®
  • Import Contacts from any CSV or Excel® File
  • Automatic Preferred Customer Tracking With Reports for Adds, Deletions, Changes and Current
  • Google® Maps and Directions for any address with a click.
  • Auto city/state completion. Just enter the contact's zip.
  • Locate contacts with any part of the contact's name, phone # or email address.

Custom color coding with unlimited user defined contact types. (customers, consultants, directors etc) Additional addresses can be added and auto Google links for maps and directions are available with a click.

Each contact window includes an optional image library where you can store as many images as needed. Image editing features include cropping, brightness/contrast, flipping/rotating, color tweaking, custom and preset frames and dropshadows. Images can be used in documents, postcards, websites or email and can be viewed, printed or displayed as a slideshow.

Additional Contact Window Examples

Unlimited Contact Grouping

Your contacts can be grouped in as many 'Groups' or 'Lists' as needed. Groups can be arbitrary or based on various contact and sales data giving you ultimate flexibility. Includes a query wizard to easily create groups based on contact and sales data. Create a group for consultants in California or Skin Care Customers on the east side who purchase Timewise® products. Groups can be as simple or as complex as needed.

Groups can be used for any merge documents including letters, labels, postcards or email. Groups can also be used to update other groups in a few clicks. (Add all of my Skin Care customers to my Open House list) Finally groups can be used to locate and update contact records. Merge your Open House list to an invite postcard and then update every contact on the list inserting a note into each contact's record as to when it was sent, all in a few clicks. Or, open your daily customer callbacks to step through your calls.

Organize your groups into various folders or subfolders. The groups window can also be resized and positioned anywhere on the screen. The groups window can also display multiple groups at the same time and contacts can be displayed with 3 different views. All user customization is automatically saved.

Additional Contact Group Views