Track Sales, Purchases, Loans...

Entering Sales or Loans, Ordering Products is quick and painless with the auto lookup and import features. Transactions update Accounting, Inventory and Contact Accounts.

The Today screen keeps track of your Receivables and Backorders with quick access to enter payments or transactions. Payment terms let's you setup those customers who make payments, tracking upcoming and late payments. Create automatic product orders, replenishing your inventory to pre set levels. Import product orders from the In Touch® website. Auto product lookup automatically searches for product by search groups, any part of the description or color and part # - products come up in a flash. Enter Personal Use, Demos, Gifts, Donations, Returns and Loans. View transaction history for individual clients in their contact window. Enter additional Weekly Accomplishment info as it happens. Automatically generate your weekly accomplishment sheets. Transaction windows can be customized for different businesses.

  • Import Product Orders from In Touch®
  • Track Gifts, Demos, Personal Use, Donations...
  • Easy Product Lookup let's you enter products in a snap.
  • Printed Invoices are completely customizable with the word processor
  • Track Customer Receivable Accounts with Payment Terms.
  • Track Product Backorders and Replacement Orders