Contact Management

The contact window is perhaps the most unique window in the entire system. First, it's designed to display only the information that you're storing for each contact. Most systems have a series of text boxes or fields to enter and display information. If the system is comprehensive, there are many more fields than can be displayed within a single window.

Generally, not all fields apply to each contact. You may have an employee number for your employees but since this does not apply to customers, it would be blank on these records, taking up space that could be used for other data. Some systems try to solve this by creating separate screens for different types of contacts. While this can help, it adds a level of complexity and can still be problematic when you have a contact that falls into several defined window types. (You may have an employee that sometimes purchases product but also is a close friend.) The DA-PRO contact window solves this by allowing any contact data to be entered into any contact's record. Contacts can still be classified as employees, customers etc. and information is stored in fields, but each contact window becomes unique, displaying info that is pertinent to the individual. Various areas of the contact window will grow or shrink depending on the info stored for each individual contact.

Example: Most systems allow you to store more than 1 phone number. If you only have 1 phone number for your contact, the additional fields still take up room even though they are blank. This space could be used for additional info. With DA-PRO, you can always add an additional phone number and the phone area will grow to accommodate the additional number, displaying up to 10 phone numbers at one time, but if you only have 1, the space taken up by phones is minimal giving additional room for other things. This technique allows for an incredible amount of contact information to be displayed in a single contact window at the same time. When you bring up a contact, you can instantly get a good sense of who they are without having to look through various windows and screens.