DAPro Installation

Be sure to closely follow instructions, Vista and Windows 7 require that the program be installed as the administrator.

1.) The program must be installed by your computer's administrator. If you're on XP, you probably are the administrator. On Vista, generally the first user created is the administrator.

2.) Download the installation file and save it to your desktop.

3.) The download file is a zip file that needs to be extracted to install. The zip file contains 2 files, dapro_setup.msi and setup.exe Open the downloaded zip file and click Extract to extract the zipped files.

4.) With the zip file extracted, in XP double click on the setup.exe file. For Vista, you need to click on the SETUP.EXE file with your RIGHT hand mouse button and select 'Run as Administrator'. Step through the installation without making any changes.

5.) The installation will install a DAPro icon on your desktop as well as 'Steinhoff & Associates' program group in your All Programs menu under 'Start'. The program group has the DAPro program and the DAPro Maintenance program.

6.) With the program installed, double click on the DAPro icon to launch the system.

There's an introductory DAPro news feed that is pre setup on new system. If you remove it, you can re-subscribe by clicking on the blue 'New Activity Setup' icon in the upper left hand corner of your 'Today' screen. With 'RSS News Feeds and Podcasts' selected, click Next. Click on 'Search' and in the Search Browser, click on DAPRo. Then select 'Download and Retain Content Locally' and in the dropdown, select 'Save Content Indefinitely'. Then click Next. In the last screen, you can select how often it should check for updates. Hourly is fine. Finally, select 'Display as it's own item' and click finish. This will download and save the DAPro support feed to your desktop.You'll find Import Instructions and we'll be adding additional support which will download automatically as it's available.

If you receive an error message at the end of installation, it probably means that the program was not installed as the administrator. Be sure to follow installation instructions closely and re-install.