DAPro Mobile FAQ

What it it? -

DAPro Mobile is the first step in having access to your data from anywhere with internet access. While it's primarily designed for access with mobile phones and organizers, you can access your information from any desktop computer, tablet or iPad as well.In the end, you'll have the many benefits of a stand alone desktop application, such as speed and ease of data entry and amount of information stored as well as the access both mobile and otherwise offered by an internet application.

How does it work? -

DAPro stores your information on your computer. When you activate the mobile sync feature, DAPro will upload the information you've selected to our secure servers in the cloud. This information is then automatically synced back and forth as it changes. When you add a contact on your phone, it will automatically appear in your desktop DAPro and vice versa.

How do I access my data? -

You can access your information by going to the main address for DAPro Mobile, using your device's web browser. - https://www.bizgos.com/mobile You'll need to log into your main Steinhoff & Associates account to get access. You'll also want to set this site as a favorite so you don't need to enter the address each time you use it.

What else do I need to do? -

Nothing! Dapro will automatically sync your data, uploading any changes you make on your main computer and also downloading any changes you make on your phone. Sync is automatic and happens in the background.

Can I dial phone numbers? -

In most cases, you'll be able to dial phone numbers directly from your contacts with a single click or touch. If your device supports email, you should also be able to email directly from your contacts. A Map feature is also included to bring up maps to your contact's address with a touch.

Do I need to format information? -

No, the system utilizes the same auto formatting as DAPro so it's not necessary to capitalize or add dashes or parenthesis for phone numbers. Leaving the phone number descriptions blank will automatically add 'home' for phone 1 and 'work' for phone 2.

What information is synched?? -

Currently basic contact information (name, phones, email and address) for the selected contact types. Contacts can be searched by any part of their name or phone number. Contacts can be added or edited. Your contact's purchases are also included. More will be coming.

Can I have a secretary add info at home while I'm working at the same time? -

Yes, information is periodically updated both ways.

What does it cost? -

Currently, we're not charging for these features but will need to as usage and features expand. In the end, the cost should be nominal.