Update Version 2.18

This update includes many tweeks, enhancements and bug fixes along with several major new features. Be sure to check out the new features!

Contact Dates

The Dates area in the contact window has been udated to display all contact dates including callbacks and other appointments. You can still enter and edit dates directly from the contact window or calendar. Non - recurring dates, will drop off of the contact window as they move into the past.

Date Descriptions

A new feature let's you add an abbreviation to your date descriptions. If a date description has an abbreviation, the abbreviation will be used when displaying dates in the calendar window. This gives more room to display the appointments in the various calendar views. To add abbreviations to your date types (birthday, anniversary etc) click on the Settings icon the main toolbar. In the Settings window, click on Calendar to display the calendar settings. You can edit your appointment types by selecting the type to the right and then clicking Edit. You can add an abbreviation into the date type's description field by adding a | character (capitol of the \ key) followed by the abbreviation. for example: If you change your description for birthday to birthday|bday , the system will display bday in the calendar window rather than the full birthday description.

Date Priority

When you schedule a date with the quick scheduler in the contact window or via the calendar, a new priority field let's you set the priority of the date to 1, 2 or 3. Dates are displayed by priority in the calendar and in any list using dates as the list criteria. Using priority let's your prioritize your callbacks or appointments so the import calls happen first. I you have trouble getting through your callbacs or appointments, try using Priority to become more effecient.

Invoice Printing Option

A new option when printing invoices let's you print invoices that exclude the customer's previous on account and new account balances. A new merge field has been added to give you this option. The new field is available when editing an invoice print document under Insert Field in the Word Processor. (Fields/Transactions/Single Transaction/Trans Details NO Account) Using this new merge field for the invoice works just like the previos Trans Details merge field, letting you select the fields to be printed etc. Printing this field will include the invoice detail, excluding the customers account info.

Boulevard® Import

A new import has been added that let's Boulevard® users import data directly from their existing database. The import will add customers, products and all customer purchases. To import data, click on the Settings icon in the main toolbar and click on the General tab. Finally click on the Import from Boulevard® button and locate the database to be imported.