DAWIN Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't add any contacts or sales!
    The menu item for these commands is 'ghosted' or light gray and I can't access them! Any actions which directly relate to contacts must start with the contact window open. You can open the contact window by selecting 'View' then 'Contact File' or by clicking on the Contact Files icon (second from the left). With the contact window open all of the contact related menu items will be enabled. You can Add Contacts by clicking 'File' then 'Add Contact', or by holding the Ctrl key and pressing the letter A. To enter a sale, click on the 'Invoice' icon (cash register) or click 'Sales' then 'Create Invoice' or hold the Ctrl key and press the letter I. Since much of the program deals with contacts, main people prefer to have the system automatically open the contact window when the program is first opened. You can set this in the More Settings window by clicking the 'Load Contact' checkbox.
  • I have product in my system which is not appearing in the lookups in the invoice. It's in my system, I just can't sell it!
    There are filters in your settings window which need to be turned on. Click 'View' then 'Settings' and then 'Invoice'. There are filters for both Limited Edition product and Section Two. Place a check next to 'Limited Edition in Popup' and / or 'Section Two in Popup' to enable that product in the invoice. Click 'OK' to the settings window and you will now be able to find the product in your invoice.
  • How do I change the discount on my Limited Edition product from 50 to 55 percent for product orders.
    The discounts for both section one and limited edition on the bottom of the ordering window can be changed just like any other field in the system. Your order will automatically be recalculated after changing either one.
  • I've had a facial or class with no sales, how do I get this non-facial to appear on my Weekly Accomplishment Sheet?
    The system will transfer your sales which where at least 1 cent and all additional reorder and preferred customer calls (No Sales) to the WAS. (Weekly Accomplishment Sheet) You can add the non-facial or class after you have created your WAS as the WAS is completely editable. (is that a word?) To add the facial or class click 'Edit' then 'Insert Row' in the Weekly Summary window.
  • When I enter a specific product into the invoice, it jumps to quantity but it doesn't insert a price or show my inventory levels.
    This would indicate that you have a duplicate product entered into your system. The system doesn't display the info because it can't determine which product you want to enter. To locate a duplicate, open the Products window and search by description. Use the arrow buttons to locate the duplicates. You may need to transfer your inventory level to one or the other before removing the duplicate. YOU SHOULD LEAVE THE PRODUCT WHICH IS CHECKED TO APPEAR ON YOUR ORDER FORM!
  • I have update my monitor from a 15" to a 17". How can I make the contact window fill the screen instead of sitting in the top left hand corner?
    The contact window was designed to fill the screen when your resolution is set to 640 X 480. Higher resolution will make the window (and everything else) smaller. You can change your resolution by clicking on 'Start' then 'Settings' then 'Control Panel'. Double click on 'Display' and then click 'Settings' in the 'Display' window. Change your display area to 640 X 480. NOTE: You may want to try using the system at the higher resolution. This let's you view more information at once and set up the Contact Lister and Calendar off to the side.
  • Is it possible to have a contact who is a customer as well as a potential recruit?
    While contacts cannot be 2 contact types at the same time there is Direct Mail that let's contacts be 'on' as many groups as you would like. Setup a Direct Mail category for Potential Recruit and then identify your contact as a customer and check 'Potential Recruit' in their direct mail.
  • I'm trying to backup but after clicking OK, it doesn't do anything! Any suggestions?
    When backing up you need to remember 2 things... Select the drive you wish to backup to (A or B) and then Name The File! If it's not doing anything, you haven't named the file. We require you to name the file so that you won't be tempted to rely on the same disk forever. It's recommended that you have more than 1 backup disk in your possession. You don't want to have your entire business riding one 1 twenty cent disk!