DAWIN Product Updates

For a small annual fee, you can receive a subscription to the Product Updater and every time the company changes the order form we will provide you with the latest order form via internet download.
(These instructions do not apply to DAPRO as product installation is automatic in DAPro) With a subscription, downloads are accessed by going to the website and clicking on 'Support'. You must be logged into your account to access downloads. (If you are logged in, you'll see 'Welcome (your name)' at the top of the window to the right) If you are not logged in, click on Login to log into your account and then return to the support page. Downloads appear as links to the left of the screen. You'll find both the link to the current product order form as well as a link to the previous order form. The links will display the date of the product update. Click on the link and when prompted, save the file to your desktop. The download itself will happen relatively fast since the file size is less than 1 megabyte.

Installing the download

The download is a zipped file which contains the updated product database. Double click the downloaded zip file to open a window, listing the files contents (prods.mdb). In this window, click on 'Extract All Files', located at the top-left of the window to decompress the file. When extracting files, your system will prompt you for the file path to save the extracted file to. Enter c:\dawin into the file path field entirely replacing the path that was automatically entered as a default. (the file path must match the file path of your Dawin program. c:\dawin is the default. If you originally installed your Dawin program into a different directory or drive, enter that path to extract the update into the correct directory/drive.) With the path entered, click 'Extract'. Your system will prompt you that the directory already contains prods.mdb and will ask if you want to replace it. Answer YES to replcae the old product file with the new one. With the product file updated, run the Dawin Product Updater to update your system with the new product.

Download and Installation for Virtual PC (XP Mode) or MAC Parallels running XP

If you are running Dawin from within a virtual environment (XP Mode or Parallels) it's important that you download and extract the file from within your XP environment. Download the file from within the Internet Explorer that's part of your XP environment.

Running the Updater

After installation, you run the Product Updater program. Exit the main Dawin program before running the product updater! Click 'Start', 'Programs', 'Dawin' and 'Product Updater' to open the product update program.

A window will appear identifying the time period the update applies to. You will have the option to Begin Update or Exit. Selecting Begin Update will bring up a prompt asking if you have backed up your data base. If the answer is yes click Yes. If the answer is no, click No, back up your database and begin again.

Customizing the Update

You will be prompted to make several selections. Follow the instructions on the screen. Your first choice will be to select between 'Standard' descriptions and 'User' descriptions: Standard descriptions will utilize descriptions provided with the update. By selecting replace all descriptions, you will overwrite any customized changes that you have made to the descriptions in your database. i.e.) If you have changed the description of some products, the products in your database would be changed back to the original descriptions. By selecting only add new , then only new products are added with the included descriptions. As stated, utilizing User descriptions will do just that, update the database based on the way you have customized your database. i.e.) If you change the description of cleansers to be the specific product, Creamy Cleanser, it will retain your original format when it is put into the proper sequence of the order form.
Make your selection and hit O.K. When selecting, Star old product and add new, you are choosing to add the new items to your database and if a classic product is found to utilize a similar description that product number will be modified to begin with an * as the first character and both products, part numbers, and inventory will be maintained in your database. The come back of Bisque Ivory is a good example. i.e.) If you have classic Bisque and new Bisque, both will be retained in the database as separate. You will need to make sure you select the proper item from your pop up window while creating an invoice in order to reduce the proper inventory.
When selecting Utilize old product and update part number, you are choosing to have the products combined into one part number and inventory. Again utilizing the Bisque example, i.e.) you have 3 classic Bisque and 5 new Bisque, they will all be reflected as 8 items on hand under the current part #.
Make your selection and hit O.K. to begin update. As the update rearranges your order form it will display products as they are being added. You can change the description and color of products being added. Click OK to close the product window and continue with the update. A message will appear to notify you when the update has been complete. Click OK to close the message.

Troubleshooting Product Update Issues

If you've installed the update and the updater is still displaying dates for the old update, there's a few things to check to get updated.

If you've opened the product updater program before installing the new download, it's possible that you've updated the file with todays date. This can cause the installation to skip overwriting the data file since it's now showing as newer than the file being installed. To remedy the situation, you should delete the prods.mdb file in your c:\dawin directory and then reinstall the download which will force it to add the update file. Click Start then My Computer. In the Computer window, double click on your local disk C: (C Drive). Then double click on your dawin directory. In the dawin directly locate the file called prods (or prods.mdb - it's an Access database). Click on the prods.mdb file with your RIGHT hand mouse button and select 'Delete' to move it to your recycle bin. Then reinstall the download and run the product updater again.

Updates always need to be installed into the same directory as your active program's data directory. You can check your data directory by clicking on 'View' then 'Settings'. In Settings click on 'System Settings' and check your data directory. if the data directory is not c:\dawin\dawin.mdb (the default), you'll need to install the update into the directory that's displayed. For example, if the directory reads d:\dawin\dawin.mdb then the updater needs to be installed into d:\dawin.