Reinstalling DAWIN

Transferring to a new computer is really very simple. Many people do it every day, transferring their data from a laptop to their home computer and back again. The first thing to do is to backup your current system onto a floppy disk using the system's backup/restore utility. If you are 'loosing' the original computer, it's recommended that you backup your system more than once. (floppy diskettes sometimes fail) You don't want your entire business relying on a single 20 cent diskette.

Next, you need to install the current system onto the new computer. If your original disks are not the latest version, The best way to install the system is to download and install the current Full Installation of Dawin. After running and exiting the system for the first time on your new computer, you need to Restore your data from the backup you created from your old system. You won't need to worry about getting the system unlocked because your database is already registered!

The installation will NOT overwrite any existing database. If your data is already on the system you should install the trial right on top.